Gothic, Witch and Darkside Readings

On Wednesday Oct 29th  HAR  will be hosting a special event

Free Gothic , Witch and Darkside Readings. Join HAR Black Raven, Which Witch and HAR DarkOne for this spooky Halloween time Reading session. It’s a once in a  life  time event we have arranged  for all our HAR  friends and  followers. Readings  will start at 7 PM PDT and  go til at  least 9 PM  perhaps longer. We will be in our AOL  chat  room. What?  don’t have AOL? Awe no worries  just download AOL’s free desk top  software  to gain access to chats.

On Friday Halloween Night you are invited  to join HAR’s Halloween Party

We will be giving  free Readings. Playing some  great  games

How Psychic Are you?

Haunted Scrambler

Spooky Trivia

Of  course we will be  giving away  some great  prizes  to player  during the  night. We hope  to see you there. Don’t miss the most fun  place  to be online Halloween night!

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Animal Lessons Oct 20 – Oct 26



IF LEMUR APPEARS:  Spend some time in the woods, forest or bush – find a tree and sit and meditate with your back against it and note what messages or impressions you get

CALL ON LEMUR WHEN:  There is something in your past that feels unsettled and you want to review those memories and find a place for them in the context of your life now



IF SNOW LEOPARD APPEARS:  Whatever it is you want, take your time and quietly, patiently, and steadily. do what you have to do to get it

CALL ON SNOW LEOPARD WHEN:  You have a strong sense of something going on that is less than obvious, but you doubt your perceptions because nobody else seems to be picking up on the same thing



IF PARROT APPEARS:  Time to be especially discerning about when to speak and when to stay quiet, and stay clear of gossip

CALL ON PARROT WHEN:  You’ve been too agreeable and easy and want to be more discering and careful about what you agree to



IF  CANARY APPEARS:   you are discovering the power of your own voice

CALL ON CANARY WHEN: you want to improve your communication skills



IF ORCA APPEARS:  You will find yourself more tuned in to othes who belong to your soul group, so trust your intuition with those you know ad those you meet in the next few weeks

CALL ON ORCA WHEN:  You feel out of balance ad pulled in opposite directions



IF WEASEL APPEARS:  Spend a full day or two in silence, simply observing

CALL ON WEASEL WHEN:  You are unsure of the motives and intentions of someone you are doing business with



IF HEDGEHOG APPEARS:  This is a good time to honor your natural curiosity and satisfy it by following any whim, intuitive leads or inner promptings that occur

CALL ON HEDGEHOG WHEN:  You want to do some exploring of your local area and get to know it better

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Free mini-readings in our chat

Animal Lessons – Oct13 through Oct 19

IF EAGLE APPEARS:  Whatever you put out, positive or negative, will now come back to you in some form, stronger and more quickly than ever
CALL ON EAGLE WHEN:  You are caught up in life’s details and have lost sight of the big picture

IF IGUANA APPEARS:  This is a good time to take action on something you’ve dreamed of doing or having but had forgotten or dismissed some time ago because you thought it was unrealistic
CALL ON IGUANA WHEN:  You are reviewing some of your past errors and mistakes as a way to avoid repeating them

IF TASMANIAN DEVIL APPEARS:  This is a time when you’ll be getting some informal and surprising teachings on the proper use of power and the difference between power and force
CALL ON TASMANIAN DEVIL WHEN:  You’ve decided to clear out the clutter that creates a confusing and chaotic home or office area

IF PIGEON APPEARS:  No matter where you are in the world, you can draw on the feeling of home by closing your eyes, remembering what it was like, and breathing in the feeling
CALL ON PIGEON WHEN:  You are trying to get a message to someone and are having trouble getting it to them by the usual means

IF ANTEATER APPEARS:  Be conservative in your use of any supplies and goods – don’t use any more than is actually needed
CALL ON ANTEATER WHEN:  You want to take your time and enjoy walking along the road and enjoy the scenery

IF FLAMINGO APPEARS:  Be ruthlessly honest with yourself as you check in and see if you are following your inner truth
CALL ON FLAMINGO WHEN:  You need a healing of the heart – either emotionally or physically

IF LARK APPEARS:  The words you use and how you use them will take on greater power, so be aware of whether you are speaking lovingly or harshly, as your words will have greater impact either way
CALL ON LARK WHEN: You feel dispirited or discouraged


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Free mini-readings in our chat


Animal Lessons – Oct 6 through Oct 12


IF FALCON APPEARS: Before making a decision, step back from it and consider it from a broader perspective
CALL ON FALCON WHEN: You’re not sure whether to move ahead, pull back, or stand still, and you are waiting for clear signal as to what to do


IF MOLE APPEARS: Trust in what you feel more than what you see or hear
CALL ON MOLE WHEN: You’ve been holed up for too long, such as at home or an office, and you need to get out and enjoy the beauty of the earth, fresh air, and sunshine


IF BULL APPEARS: Your life cycle is headed for a upturn so welcome it and enjoy it
CALL ON BULL WHEN: There is the chance of encroachment or intrusion by someone you don’t want to be involved with and don’t want near you


IF RAVEN APPEARS: You are gradually shape-shifting to a more confident, powerful, and spiritualy based you that will continue to emerge the more you recognize and accept your personal power
CALL ON RAVEN WHEN: You’ve lost touch with the magic of life and want to recapture that sense of awe and wonder, as well as manifest your desires

IF HUMPBACK WHALE APPEARS: Allow yourself to surface more and reveal yourself more to others – don’t let fear get in the way of doing this
CALL HUMPBACK WHALE ON WHEN: You need to come up for air after being immersed in a complex project or situation for too long


IF TURKEY APPEARS: It’s important to transcend the focus on your won needs to consider the greater needs of the whole, such as your family, community or world
CALL ON TURKEY WHEN: You are feeling prompted to donate your time and energy to a worthwhile cause but are not sure how to go about it


IF QUAIL APPEARS: If you feel threatened or criticized, do not respond directly, instead use distraction by changing the subject or excusing yourself for a few minutes, thereby redirecting the other person’s energy and attention
CALL ON QUAIL WHEN: You receive any type of gift that nurtures and nourishes you and you want to express your gratitude

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Come visit us at Heaven’s Angels Readings for your own personal psychic reading on love, finances, past lives, and more. Free Online Psychic Readings Chat Room

Free mini-readings in our chat

October Events – What’s New at HAR

This month marks Heaven’s Angels Readings 8th year in business. It’s also one of our favorite times of year, Halloween. We are holding some events to celebrate

Please check out our  Oct Events and  Halloween  page at

Join us on Wed Oct 29th from 7pm -10 pm PST
Special Gothic, Witch, and Darkside Readings


 On Oct 31st  you are invited to HAR’s 8th Annual Halloween  Party

We will be doing free Readings, playing games and giving some great prizes to game winners


How Psychic Are You

Mystical Scrambler

Spooky Trivia


Join us tonight at our AOL chat room
Friday starting at 7 pm PDT
for Readings by HAR Mystic Aura, (Linda)
at 8pm for Readings with HAR Peggie
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AKA How to Ride Home and Car of Negative Energies

Light your sage stick and blow it out . You want the smoke not the flame. I also suggest a shell to lay your stick in as needed. Repeat lighting your sage stick as needed also. Start at a point in your home and end at the same spot. Remember to open closet doors so the smoke can reach in there too. Every room (bathroom included). You can use virgin olive oil or lemon juice and make a tiny cross on your mirrors/windows/over doorways. When you sage the home … sage the people too and don’t forget to have them raise their feet and allow the smoke under there too. Sage their fronts and backs. Don’t forget your pets. Remember to sage your cars inside and out (open the glove boxes and trunks and hood too) all the while repeating over and over the prayers below until you have finished. You can also use salt across the doorways for added protection. It is said that evil/darkness will not cross the salt line.

SUGGESTION: open all drawers and doors first then start your sage and prayer. When completed then you can go back and put all back in order. This will save time. Salt the perimeter of your property in a continual stream saying these prayer

House Blessing. Come, Lord God, we humbly beg you, and fill this house with the serenity of your love, joy and peace. Shower your benediction and grace in abundance upon all who dwell herein. May the peace and blessings of almighty God rest upon this house and all who dwell in it. Amen. (unknown author)

Blessed Be,


How to Close a Portal to the Other Side

At this time of year the  veil between  worlds is at  it’s thinnest  point. Portals are  easily opened between, either by someone trying to make  contact or all by themselves.. It is very important  to close portals as you never  know what maybe  lurking on the other side wanting to come across

Don’t be afraid. This happens alot at this time of year.

You will need a few things before you start the closing of the portal.-

Some sea salt ( regular salt will work if you can’t find sea salt.) You will need enough to pour a line inbetween doors and the out side of your home and the windows

White sage, which is an herb. The easiest to use are sage smugging sticks or bundles. You can also use Sage incense

Holy water. You can just ask for it at a church. Just tell them you want to bless your house with it. Of just take a small vile and fill it.

and a cross.
Once you have all of this you can close the portal.

First step is to sea salt all the opens to your home. Doors and windows

Next step is to light the sage and walk around in each room of your home with it burning. You want the smoke to circulate with in the room

You can hold up the cross and just toss of few drops of the holy water into the room.

You say out loud. I bless this house in the name of God the father, Jesus the son and the holy ghost.
With their united grace I close the door to the other world. I revoke an invitation to enter this world in this time in this place . Amen

You need to do the same thing in each room.

That’s it. That will close the portal and expell any spirits back to where they came from.

If you have any questions feel free to ask me. You do not need to have any specific religious belief to do this you just have to believe in what your doing and saying and it will work. Never seen it fail.

Blessed Be