Animal Lessons – July 21 through July 27

IF BADGER APPEARS: Stop always depending on others and then resenting them when they don’t come through, learn to trust that you have the capability to be self-reliant
CALL ON BADGER WHEN: You are put in a position of increased responsibility and need support for this new position

IF MONKEY APPEARS: It is especially important to make your communication as clear, congruent, and distinct now, conveyed through woords, body language, and actions
CALL MONKEY ON WHEN: You need a dose of ingenuity and innovation to tackle the situation before you

IF MUSK OX APPEARS: You are discovering a primal strength and fortitude inside you that is increasingly available to you for your protection
CALL MUSK OX ON WHEN: You are in an environment that is physically or emotionally challenging

IF CONDOR APPEARS: In spite of the dire circumstances you find yourself in or the losses you’ve sustained, you’ll eventually find the gifts in this experience that may not be immediately apparent
CALL CONDOR ON WHEN: You feel that you are in a mess emotionally, physically, or spiritually, and want to clean things up


IF JELLYFISH APPEARS: Practice the art of nonresistance, going with the currents and movements of life rather than fighting them
CALL ON JELLYFISH WHEN: You are involved in a conflict with someone where there seems to be no resolution because each of you is being stubborn and intractable


IF MOUSE APPEARS: Pay close attention to details – you may be missing something that is obvious and right in front of you
CALL ON MOUSE WHEN: You feel overwhelmed and disorganized and want to get things in some kind of order


IF RACCOON APPEARS: Instead of being goal-oriented, this is a time to indulge your curiosity in open-ended exploration
CALL ON RACCOON WHEN: An upcoming event calls for you to “put on a face” in order to feel more comfortable mixing with others

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Animal Lessons – July14 Through July 20

IF CROW APPEARS: You are on the verge of manifesting, understanding and taking ownership of your power
CALL ON CROW WHEN: You need help in understanding how and when to use and not use your power

IF LYNX APPEARS: Take the time to acknowledge others’ hidden talents and abilities that they don’t recognize, and encourage them to bring out these gifts
CALL LYNX ON WHEN: You are aware that you need to do less talking and more listening

IF AARDVARK APPEARS: This isn’t the time to be social, but rather a time for quiet and solitude
CALL ON AARDVARK WHEN: You are trying to unearth some information which may be important in helping you resolve some questions you’ve been dealing with

IF HORSE APPEARS: You are much more powerful than you think you are, call on that strong warrior energy but balance it with sensitivity, patience and compassion
CALL ON HORSE WHEN: You feel you are being held back by external circumstances or by conditioned beliefs about your supposed limitations


IF GIRAFFE APPEARS: You are likely to have to stretch beyond your usual limits, but you will reach your goals
CALL GIRAFFE ON WHEN: You are feeling stagnant and complacent and have lost sight of where you are going in life


IF SANDPIPER APPEARS: Do whatever you need to do to stay grounded, especially during emotionally challenging times
CALL ON SANDPIPER WHEN: You are going through a very emotional time and want to stay centered throughout the process


IF FROG APPEARS: Time to do a personal inventory and remove anything from your life physical/spiritual/intellectual/emotional that has the potential to be toxic to you
CALL ON FROG WHEN: it’s time to clease your life of people, places and things that no longer fit in with your present lifestyle and who you are
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Animal Lessons – July 7 through July 13

IF KINKAJOU APPEARS: Remain calm and be aware of overreacting to others if/when they may say or do something you don’t agree with
CALL ON KINKAJOU WHEN: You’ve recently bought or received an item that appears to be complicated and will need a learning curve to put together or use

IF SKUNK APPEARS: Make your self-respect and dignity your top priority, and give the same respect to others
CALL ON SKUNK WHEN: Your self respect and self-esteem have hit a low and you want to regain good feelings about yourself

IF CHEETAH APPEARS: Don’t get caught up in the trap of rigid thinking and acting, but remain flexible and willing to change course quickly as the situation changes
CALL ON CHEETAH WHEN: You are in a situation that requires you to think and respond quickly in order to adapt to a rapidly changing set of circumstances that are unfolding

IF ELK APPEARS: Your inner child really needs a lot of nurturing and protecting right now
CALL ON ELK WHEN: You are overly concerned with members of the opposite sex and need the type of validation that only comes from same sex friendships


IF OSPREY APPEARS: Once you’ve taken a good look at all the possibilities and one grabs your attention dive in and go for it
CALL ON OSPREY WHEN: You are ready for an intimate relationship and want to attract the best mater for you at this time


IF TIGER APPEARS: Create a sacred space in your home and is completely yours, one where others may enter only with your permission, and take the time to enjoy the solitude in this space
CALL ON TIGER WHEN: You want to accomplish something very important to you and only need to remain persistent and steadfast in your quest to make it happen


IF DOVE APPEARS: It’s important to nurture YOURSELF with loving care
CALL ON DOVE WHEN: Someone close to you has recently died and you want to find some comfort and somehow connect with the person’s spirit

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Animal Lessons June 30 thru July 6

IF BUTTERFLY APPEARS: Get ready for a big change, one where an old habit, way of thinking, or lifestyle is going out, and a new way of being is emerging
CALL ON BUTTERFLY WHEN: You want encouragement to more freely express the love yu feel to those around you

IF KITE APPEARS: The next few days will require adaptability and flexibility on your part as you make your way through any twists and turns your life takes
CALL ON KITE WHEN: You are having trouble adjusting and adapting to a situation

IF LIZARD APPEARS: the situation calls for quiet and stillness until it is time to make your move, but when you do, you need to do it swiftly and efficiently
CALL ON LIZARD WHEN: You are obsessing about your past, a past situation, or an old part of yourself that is no longer useful, and you want to detach and release it

IF DEER APPEARS: More than every you need to trust your gut instinct
CALL ON DEER WHEN: You need help in a situation where extra vigilance and sensitivity is called for in order to avoid any harmful consequences

IF SWALLOW APPEARS: It’s best to keep some distance from, or let go of completely, the pesky people in your life
CALL ON SWALLOW WHEN: There are lots of little irritations that are bugging you and you want relief from them


IF PYTHON APPEARS: You are about to shed something that has outgrown its usefulness and purpose
CALL ON PYTHON WHEN: You are going through any kind of difficult changes in your life


IF ECHIDNA APPEARS: Be more discerning about letting others into your personal space, but don’t keep everyone at a distance in order to do so
CALL ON ECHIDNA WHEN: You feel the need for gentle but effective protection

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Thank You EVERYONE!!

Thank You To ALL

(I tried to send this yesterday but had computer issues)

I want to thank EVERYONE for all their prayers and support these past three months. It’s been a hard time for myself and my family as we lost three loved ones within 13 days in April, including my beloved mother. And all the various other hardships we’ve endured since then.

I want to thank the Heavens Angels Staff for all their hard work to keep HAR going during my absence, working double and triple shifts to cover not only for me but for others as it was needed, and to promote our group and chats daily. You all deserved the mid-year break you got in June!

Heavens Angels Readings chat rooms is once again open, both on AOL and onsite, for free mini-readings. Please check out our Chat Room Schedule on our website for days, times, and which chat room we’ll be in.

Heavens Angels Live Psychics and Heavens Angels Metaphysical Emporium are open for business, and we are hoping to have our Guidance from Beyond radio show going again within the next few weeks.

Once again, THANK YOU EVERYONE for ALL the support you have shown myself and my family!!!

Animal Lessons – June 23 thru June 29


IF BARN OWL APPEARS: Let your heart be open and don’t let fear get in the way of expressing your love
CALL ON BARN OWL WHEN: You feel that your emotions and iltellect are out of balance


IF GORILLA APPEARS: More than ever it is important to respect yourself and extend that respect to every one and everything you come in contact with – especially those you tend to disagree with
CALL GORILLA ON WHEN: You are in a situation where you are being called on to be strong and protective toward someone else


IF EMU APPEARS: Do everything you can to keep a sense of playfulness and lightheartedness as you go about your life
CALL ON EMU WHEN: You are a single father or mother and want to keep the masculine and feminine energies in proper balance so you can remain grounded while responsibly raising your children


IF OCELOT APPEARS: Keep that important goal you are pursuing to yourself rather than talking about it, as doing so will support its achievement, whereas discussing it will rob the goal of its energy
CALL ON OCELOT WHEN: Secrecy ad confidentiality are required whether in a relationship or a project


IF PHEASANT APPEARS: You are at your best when you stay grounded because it is then that you are able to understand and adapt esoteric or spiritual information for practical use
CALL ON PHEASANT WHEN: Things are pretty much black, white and grey, and you want to add some color to your life, literally or metaphorically


IF WHALE APPEARS: This is a time of great spiritual expansion for you, so the more you can clear your mind the better
CALL ON WHALE WHEN: You’ve been caught up in a pool of emotions for some time and really need to come up for air


IF SQUIRREL APPEARS: Be vigilant and cautious right now, and be willing to avoid or escape any threatening situation rather that engaging it
CALL ON SQUIRREL WHEN: You’re feeling scattered and fragmented, scurrying around a lot and getting very little accomplished, and you want to focus your time and energies so that you’re more purposeful and directed

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IF IBIS APPEARS: Every day pause for a few moments at least a couple of times and think the thought, “Everything is sacred”, and observe what happens as you do
CALL ON IBIS WHEN: You are a healer and want to expand your repertoire of sacred healing techniques

IF RAT APPEARS: You have plenty of whatever you need available to you at all times in spite of any thoughts or fears that this isn’t so
CALL ON RAT WHEN: You have decided to do a major housecleaning and sort through your stuff and get rid of a whole lot of it

IF BEE APPEARS: Take the time to appreciate and enjoy the sweetness of life
CALL ON BEE WHEN: You are placed in a situation that requires considerable social skills, particularly tact and diplomacy, especially when it requires cooperative participation of many

IF TORTOISE APPEARS: By moving through your life more slowly and attentively, you will discover a great deal of wisdom emerging from unexpected sources that you would otherwise miss by being in a hurry
CALL ON TORTOISE WHEN: You feel weighed down and overwhelmed by all of your responsibilities, even though you KNOW you’ve created them by taking on too much


IF CHINCHILLA APPEARS: It is best to stand back and carefully observe what’s going on before making your next move
CALL ON CHINCHILLA WHEN: Timing is critical for you as far as when to make your next move


IF MOCKINGBIRD APPEARS: Other people you encounter now will tend to reflect back to you both the pleasant and not-so-pleasant aspects of yourself
CALL ON MOCKINGBIRD WHEN: You want to improve your ability to understand communication in order to express yourself even more effectively


IF PANDA APPEARS: Your thinking is much too polarized into black/white and right/wrong – time to broaden your perspective
CALL ON PANDA WHEN: You are getting stuck, or have been stuck, in all-or-nothing type thinking, rather than considering possible compromised alternatives

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