Animal Lessons – Nov 10 – Nov 16

IF COYOTE APPEARS: Rather than fight or running from a situation, it will work out better if you just adjust to it. Oh, and by the way, lighten up you are taking things MUCH too seriously
CALL ON COYOTE WHEN: You’re bored, life is too predictable, and you SO want to change that and lighten things up

IF SKUNK APPEARS: Be assertive and stand your ground as necessary, and don’t let yourself be manipulated or pushed around
CALL ON SKUNK WHEN: Your self-esteem and self-respect have hit a low and you need to give them a substantial boost

IF MAGPIE APPEARS: Be especially clear and straightforward in your verbal communication, saying what you mean while at the same time listening carefully to what the other person is saying as well
CALL ON MAGPIE WHEN: You realize you are getting signs from you’re environment, but you just don’t know what they mean

IF BOBCAT APPEARS: One of your tasks right now is to learn how to live alone without feeling lonely
CALL ON BOBCAT WHEN: You want to be able to see better, particularly in the dark, both literally and metaphorically

IF SQUIRREL APPEARS: Although you are actively and aggressively pursuing your goals, you need to balance that with more socializing and play
CALL ON SQUIRREL WHEN: You are feeling uncertain or unsafe in some way and need a guardian who will let you know when and where to avoid certain situations or people

IF HORSE APPEARS: You’re much more powerful than you think you are
CALL ON HORSE WHEN: You are feeling victimized and are blaming others for your current situation

IF DEER APPEARS: It’s time to be gentle with yourself and others
CALL ON DEER WHEN: You want to release any resentments, grudges, or judgements about somebody

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Animal Lessons – Nov 3 – Nov 9

IF BAT APPEARS: It’s time to confront and conquer your fears, trusting that doing so will bring about beneficial changes
CALL ON BAT WHEN: You feel anxious and fearful without knowing why or what you’re afraid of

IF DONKEY APPEARS: Take your time and proceed cautiously and slowly but keep on moving ahead, pausing only to determine the best direction to go toward your destination
CALL ON DONKEY WHEN: You’re having trouble finding your way to your destination because you’ve been overly focused on the goal rather than the best way to get to that goal

IF MOUSE APPEARS: You may be missing something that is obvious and right in front of you
CALL ON MOUSE WHEN: You are in a situation where attention to detail, and that “fine print”, is critical

IF STORK APPEARS: Get ready for a new birth into a different expression of yourself
CALL ON STORK WHEN: You’re at the beginning stages of a new relationship, project, or job

IF HARE APPEARS: You are likely to be required to make some unexpected and rapid changes in direction in the coming days
CALL ON HARE WHEN: You are in a situation that requires speed, finesse, and making your choices quickly and intelligently

IF RATTLESNAKE APPEARS: Pay attention to any signs or omens that may be warning you to stay away or stay clear – of person, place or thing – especially any that you hear
CALL ON RATTLESNAKE WHEN: You need to release any physical, mental, emotional or spiritual toxicity, or any toxic relationships, that interfere with your complete health and your spiritual path

IF TOUCAN APPEARS: Take a chance and express the feelings that you’ve held back from someone
CALL ON TOUCAN WHEN: When you want to be heard, loud and clear

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Animal Lessons – Oct 27 – Nov 2

IF GULL APPEARS:  It’s time to clean up your home environment and let go of and recycle as much as you possibly can
CALL ON GULL WHEN:  You are in a position to teach others, particularly young people, how to behave in public situations

IF HAWK APPEARS:  Whatever situation(s) you are involved in step back so you can get a better perspective, remain focused on the big picture, and eliminate unnecessary details and distractions
CALL ON HAWK WHEN:  You’ve been caught up in emotional turmoil and have lost your perspective

IF BLUE WHALE APPEARS:  You are likely to be receiving messages from Spirit that will be so loud and clear that it will be impossible to ignore them
CALL ON BLUE WHALE WHEN:  Yu want to deepen your understanding of yourself through contemplation, meditation and dreamwork

IF SEAL APPEARS:  This is a time to stay very attuned to your natural rhythms, such as sleeping when you’re tired, eating only when yu’re hungry, and exercising when you feel the urge to do so
CALL ON SEAL WHEN:  You know there are emotions just below the surace that are tugging at you and that it would be useful to feel them, but you don’t feel safe in allowing them out

IF KOMODO DRAGON APPEARS:   Whatever changes you make in your life at this time will last for a long time
CALL ON KOMODO DRAGON WHEN:   You’ve been feeling listless and cut off from your feelings

IF GOPHER APPEARS:   Look under the surface and behind the obvious of whatever you initially see – particularly when it’s another person
CALL ON GOPHER WHEN:  You need to get away from all the noise and find a place where you can relax and enjoy the peace and quiet

IF OWL APPEARS:  Quietly observe your environment, watching and listening for signs and omens that will give you answers to any questions you may have
CALL ON OWL WHEN:  You want to uncover the hidden qualities, talents, and aspects in yourself and bring them into the light

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Animal Lessons Oct 20 – Oct 26



IF LEMUR APPEARS:  Spend some time in the woods, forest or bush – find a tree and sit and meditate with your back against it and note what messages or impressions you get

CALL ON LEMUR WHEN:  There is something in your past that feels unsettled and you want to review those memories and find a place for them in the context of your life now



IF SNOW LEOPARD APPEARS:  Whatever it is you want, take your time and quietly, patiently, and steadily. do what you have to do to get it

CALL ON SNOW LEOPARD WHEN:  You have a strong sense of something going on that is less than obvious, but you doubt your perceptions because nobody else seems to be picking up on the same thing



IF PARROT APPEARS:  Time to be especially discerning about when to speak and when to stay quiet, and stay clear of gossip

CALL ON PARROT WHEN:  You’ve been too agreeable and easy and want to be more discering and careful about what you agree to



IF  CANARY APPEARS:   you are discovering the power of your own voice

CALL ON CANARY WHEN: you want to improve your communication skills



IF ORCA APPEARS:  You will find yourself more tuned in to othes who belong to your soul group, so trust your intuition with those you know ad those you meet in the next few weeks

CALL ON ORCA WHEN:  You feel out of balance ad pulled in opposite directions



IF WEASEL APPEARS:  Spend a full day or two in silence, simply observing

CALL ON WEASEL WHEN:  You are unsure of the motives and intentions of someone you are doing business with



IF HEDGEHOG APPEARS:  This is a good time to honor your natural curiosity and satisfy it by following any whim, intuitive leads or inner promptings that occur

CALL ON HEDGEHOG WHEN:  You want to do some exploring of your local area and get to know it better

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Animal Lessons – Oct13 through Oct 19

IF EAGLE APPEARS:  Whatever you put out, positive or negative, will now come back to you in some form, stronger and more quickly than ever
CALL ON EAGLE WHEN:  You are caught up in life’s details and have lost sight of the big picture

IF IGUANA APPEARS:  This is a good time to take action on something you’ve dreamed of doing or having but had forgotten or dismissed some time ago because you thought it was unrealistic
CALL ON IGUANA WHEN:  You are reviewing some of your past errors and mistakes as a way to avoid repeating them

IF TASMANIAN DEVIL APPEARS:  This is a time when you’ll be getting some informal and surprising teachings on the proper use of power and the difference between power and force
CALL ON TASMANIAN DEVIL WHEN:  You’ve decided to clear out the clutter that creates a confusing and chaotic home or office area

IF PIGEON APPEARS:  No matter where you are in the world, you can draw on the feeling of home by closing your eyes, remembering what it was like, and breathing in the feeling
CALL ON PIGEON WHEN:  You are trying to get a message to someone and are having trouble getting it to them by the usual means

IF ANTEATER APPEARS:  Be conservative in your use of any supplies and goods – don’t use any more than is actually needed
CALL ON ANTEATER WHEN:  You want to take your time and enjoy walking along the road and enjoy the scenery

IF FLAMINGO APPEARS:  Be ruthlessly honest with yourself as you check in and see if you are following your inner truth
CALL ON FLAMINGO WHEN:  You need a healing of the heart – either emotionally or physically

IF LARK APPEARS:  The words you use and how you use them will take on greater power, so be aware of whether you are speaking lovingly or harshly, as your words will have greater impact either way
CALL ON LARK WHEN: You feel dispirited or discouraged


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Animal Lessons – Oct 6 through Oct 12


IF FALCON APPEARS: Before making a decision, step back from it and consider it from a broader perspective
CALL ON FALCON WHEN: You’re not sure whether to move ahead, pull back, or stand still, and you are waiting for clear signal as to what to do


IF MOLE APPEARS: Trust in what you feel more than what you see or hear
CALL ON MOLE WHEN: You’ve been holed up for too long, such as at home or an office, and you need to get out and enjoy the beauty of the earth, fresh air, and sunshine


IF BULL APPEARS: Your life cycle is headed for a upturn so welcome it and enjoy it
CALL ON BULL WHEN: There is the chance of encroachment or intrusion by someone you don’t want to be involved with and don’t want near you


IF RAVEN APPEARS: You are gradually shape-shifting to a more confident, powerful, and spiritualy based you that will continue to emerge the more you recognize and accept your personal power
CALL ON RAVEN WHEN: You’ve lost touch with the magic of life and want to recapture that sense of awe and wonder, as well as manifest your desires

IF HUMPBACK WHALE APPEARS: Allow yourself to surface more and reveal yourself more to others – don’t let fear get in the way of doing this
CALL HUMPBACK WHALE ON WHEN: You need to come up for air after being immersed in a complex project or situation for too long


IF TURKEY APPEARS: It’s important to transcend the focus on your won needs to consider the greater needs of the whole, such as your family, community or world
CALL ON TURKEY WHEN: You are feeling prompted to donate your time and energy to a worthwhile cause but are not sure how to go about it


IF QUAIL APPEARS: If you feel threatened or criticized, do not respond directly, instead use distraction by changing the subject or excusing yourself for a few minutes, thereby redirecting the other person’s energy and attention
CALL ON QUAIL WHEN: You receive any type of gift that nurtures and nourishes you and you want to express your gratitude

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