We have decided to give something new a try. We are going to do one free online blog readings each week. This is starting March 1st.

If you would like a Free reading here you will need to send in an email. You need to include  your first name, you date of birth, ( you must be 21 or  older) and  your question. No medical questions or gambling  related questions. No, “What do the next 3 months hold” type questions. 

Each week we’ll  pick one of the emails   and answer it here on our HAR Blog. Please only send one email per week. Your question will be answered by one of our HAR Staff

Questions  will be answered in the blog on Friday or Saturday each week.

 Send  your emails to

We hope you will enjoy this feature

 Good Luck

Musing and Help Needed, from the Heart

I have been  with  Heaven’s Angels Readings since 2007. That’s  seven  years of  ideas and  work put towards supporting  the  founding theology.  Seven years of work and effort to try to make the  dream  come true. I have  made thousands of  changes to the web site. Adding,  removing and  remodeling structure and  content.  Setting up other online venues which I hoped would be used as more than a place  for HAR  ads. I have seen many  others join the  group  saying they want  to help,  to be part of  something bigger,  try to help people. Most didn’t have the dedication to stay long. Some,  all to many had alternative reasons which only served to help themselves and some in fact  did more harm  to HAR  than  benefit.

Through  all of this I have strived to provide wise and sage  consul    support to the HAR’s  CEO. Some were taken and put into place. To often not until it was proven to be  sound.  Yet I continue the same path. I have been in  essence attempting to pay back a kindness shown to me at a time when I was lost and  could not see the  light  from the  darkness which  surrounded me.

This was a result of  my Mother’s tragic death. A death that tool ten days  and seemed  to snowball into a nightmare  from which I  could not awake. A death in which  the head of a burn unit  lied and refused to sign a death certificate after a 6 hour surgery  and ten days  under his care. One  which the  police were called in and I was not allowed to see my Mother after she passed. Nor was I told the  county  coroner had  collected her body until after the  fact. I have  no  siblings or  close family  for support as a result I went through all this virtually alone.

The aftermath of all these events  left me,  for the  first time in my life  a mess. I couldn’t sleep or make  decisions. All I wanted was to tell my mother I was sorry I hadn’t been able to handle this better than  I did and that I loved and missed her.

 I stared  looking  for psychics  or anything  that might be able to help and  found  HAR. Some how they helped , for which I am  eternally grateful.

HAR needs  something besides more staff, something it needs desperately at this point  to continue. If you are at all interested in hosting  chats  please fill out an application on our  website  or feel free to contact me at

So I have decided to ask  you what it is  you think that HAR can do to be better than we are. How  do we make a  dream a successful enough business  venture to keep it a float? How do we attract more clients  and get  people interested? I would be  most delighted to hear any of your thought are ideas and very appreciative of your help.

Warm regards, HAHBastet

Heavens Angels Readings Chat Schedule for Sunday:

(All times are PDT; please check out our Chat Room Schedule for our Full Schedule)
Chat Room: AOL (Life Section / Room – HeavensAngelReadings)
7:00 PM Reiki Healing with Linda, Rae & MaryAnn
8:00 PM Reiki Healing with Linda, Rae & MaryAnn

Heavens Angels Readings Chat Schedule for Saturday:

(All times are PDT; please check out our Chat Room Schedule for our Full Schedule)
Chat Room: Onsite (
6:00 PM Channeling & Spirit Guide/Angel Connections with Linda
7:00 PM Earth Oracle/Totem Readings with Patti
8:00 PM Card Pull Readings with Linda